Polypropylene Homopolymer for Production of Fine Denier Staple Fibres for Nonwoven Thermobonded Fabrics. Product Description: • Parslen ZR230C exhibits excellent heat resistance. and is designed to producet items with superior toughness. even at low temperature. • Because of it s excellent impact strength - down to o•c, and its improved creep rupture properties under internal pressure stress, Parslen ZR230C is well suited for production of pressure p ipes for industry, heating pipes and under floor hot water heating, domestic service pipes (hot and cold water) and weldable fittings.. Application: • Extrusion applications of Parslen ZR230C indude profiles, pipes and tough sheet for industrial appl ications. This grade is specially suttable for applications requiring high resistance to temperature, pressure and aggressive media.

General Properties

Category : Pipe
Grade Name : ZR230C
Manufacturer : NAVID ZAR CHIMI
MFR : 1.7(2.16k/g)
Applications :
Industrial pressure pipe,Hot & cold water supply,Service pipes,Industrial water converance
Density : 0.954
Typical Properties Method Unit Value(a) Tolerance
Met! now rale(230 • C, 2.16 Kg) ASTM O 1238 gr/10 min 0.35 ±0.5
Mell now rale (230 • C, 5.0 Kg) ASTM O 1238 gr/10 min 1.7 ±0.2
Vical softening point ( 9.8 N) ASTM O 1525 •c 135 ±5
H.0.T. (0.46 Mpa) ASTM 0648 •c 75 ±8
Flexural modulus ASTM 0790 MPa 1000 ±120
Tensile strength at yield ASTM 0638 MPa 2.8 ±4
Elongation at yield ASTM 0638 % 15 -2
lzod impact strength( notched ) at 23° C ASTM 0256 J/m Not Break -
lzod impact strength( notched ) at -20° C ASTM 0256 J/m 50 ±5
Rockwell hardness [R-B Scale) ASTM O 785 R-B 7.5 ±10

Values shown are averages and are not to be considered as exact product

All specimens are prepared by injection molding.

 It is suitable for food contact