Why Choose Us

Choose Us?

Hammox GLB is based in Istanbul Turkey, our strength is our courage, honesty, punctuality of time and strength for fulfilling our promises.

We always delivered what we promised. We never commit what we cannot deliver. Now Hammox GLB trading has become a young, dynamic and progressive firm with glorious past and promising future. Through a comprehensive international network throughout the world but mainly focusing on the promising markets i.e. Europe, CIS, Far East Asia, South China, China and GCC. Hammox GLB has become a brand name in polymer trading industry. Hammox GLB now stands for quality, trust, authenticity, integrity and moral values in polymer trading.

Our team of professionals comprises qualified and experience traders, consultants, managers, quality control managers and technicians, who are capable of effective planning and execution in accordance with desired standard and given specifications.

The major share of the company’s revenue comes from the trading of Polymers and raw materials. The company all types of polymers and raw materials globally

In short, Hammox GLB is providing a one window solution to all the plastic product manufacturers.

We have one and only one goal and it is to support and assist our business partners to succeed in their businesses in most profitable way, because simply their success is our success. Here is where our expertise, experience, and not to mention dedication comes into play