X 30F(EP1 X 30F)

X 30F(EP1 X 30F)

co polymer

EP1 X 30 F is a slightly modified polypropylene random copolymer for the production of cast and water-quenched blown film. EP1 X 30 F is formulated with a general purpose package and does not contain any slip or antiblock agents. EP1 X 30 F is designed for quality packaging applications, either as monolayer film or as welding layer on coextruded structures. The product offers excellent processability. high clarity and gloss and good heat weldabilrty. The seal initiation temperature is about 136*C. Because of its good heat weldabilrty, EP1 X 30 F is well suited for lamination to bioriented polypropylene films or other materials to form a welding layer. Film produced with EP1 X 30 F is particularly suited for packaging of foodstuffs such as sweets, pasta, biscuits and snacks and for the packaging of books. stationery, blankets, shirts and hosiery. EP1 X 30 F is furthermore suitable for injection moulding caps and closures.

General Properties

Category : CO Polymer
Grade Name : X 30F(EP1 X 30F)
Manufacturer : MARUN
MFR : 9.5(21.6k/g)
Density : 0.954
Applications :
Lamination,Packing of stationery,Packing of food,containers,Filters
Properties Unit Typical value Test Method
Physical properties
Melt flow rate (230'C, 2.16 kg) Dg/min 9 ISO 1133
Density g/cm3 0.9 ISO 1183
Mechanical properties
Flexural modulus N/mm2 1050 ISO 178
Tensile strength yield N/mm2 28 ISO R527
Elongation at yield % 14 ISO R 527
lzod impact strenghh (notched) at 23 °C kJ/m2 4.5 ISO 180
Hardness Shore D points 67 ISO 868)
Thermal properties
Vicat softening point (9.8 N) oC 140 ISO 306/A
H.D.T. (0.46 Mpa) oC 90 ISO 75/B
Accelerated oven ageing in air (forced circulation) at 150 °C hour 360 IS04577
Optical Properties
Haze % 0.6 MTM 17031
Gloss (45 °G) % 88 MTM 17021

It is suitable for food contact.
 Values shown are averages and are not to be considered as p roduct specification
These values may shift slightly as additional data are accumlsted.

 ISO test methods are the lates under the societys current procedures. All specimens
are prepared by injection moulding .