Homo Polymer

Polypropylene Homopolymer for Production of Fine Denier Staple Fibers For Nonwoven Thermobonded Fabri cs . Product Description: • Fabrics made with Parslen ZH5540 are characterized by softness, textile-like appearance and high tear resistance. • In comparison with standard Polypropylene types for thermobnding applications, Parslen ZH5540 offers better processability with the long-spinning technology resulting in high and uniform fiber quality and less down-time. Application: • The fabrics are particularly suited for the production of fabrics for feminine care products, diapers, incontinence pads, medical disposables, wipes and other applications include filters and fabrics for the automotive, clothing and furniture industry.

General Properties

Category : Homo Polymer
Grade Name : 554O(ZH554O)
Manufacturer : NAVID ZAR CHIMI
MFR : 0.04(2.16k/g)
Density : 0.954
Applications :
Heavy duty jumbo bags,Furniture,Caps,Closures,Toys
Typical Properties Method Unit Value(a) Tolerance
Melt flow rate(230 ° C, 2.16 Kg) ASTM D 1238 gr/10 min 16 ±1
Vicat soften ing point ( 9.8 N) ASTM D 1525 •c 154 ±4
H.0.T. (0.46 MPa) ASTM 0648 •c 95 ±8
Flexural modulus ASTM O 790 MPa 1550 ±150
Tensile strength at yield ASTM 0638 MPa 33 -8
Elongation at yield ASTM 0638 % 12 -2
lzod impact strength( notched ) at 23° C ASTM 0256 J/m 30 ±3
Rockwell hardness (R -B Scale] ASTM D0785 R-B 102 +18

Values shown are averages and are not to be considered as exact product

All specimens are prepared by injection molding.

 It is suitable for food contact