Product description: General purpose polystyrene GPPS 1047 is a high molecular weight crystal polystyrene which allows maximum dilution rates with high impact polystyrene grades. In dilution , polystyrene crystal 1047 gives excellent processing in both extrusion and thermoforming with good finished product.shrinkage. Typical application: t is recommended for cups and other products by in line extrusion/thermoforming , foamed trays by direct gassing , dairy sheets , CD boxes , toys , office equipment.

General Properties

Category : GPPS
Grade Name : 1047(GPPS1047)
Manufacturer : PETRO PAAK
MFR : 4.2-6.2
Density : 0.954
Applications :
Shower cabinet,Disposable cups,Food containers,Pen bodies
Properties Unit Typical value Test Method
Melt flow rate @200°C & 5 kg load g/10min 4.2 D1238
Mechanical properties
Tensile strenght MPa 50 D638
Flexural modulus MPa 3100 D790
Charpy impact strength(un notched) Kj/m² 10 D256
Thermal properties
Vicat softening point @120°C,1 kg(min) oC 100 D1525

Note: All mechanical properties measured under standard conditions 50% RH and 23C.