Homo Polymer

General Properties

Category : Homo Polymer
Grade Name : FI-090
Manufacturer : POLYNAR
MFR : 8.8-10.5
Density : 0.954
Applications :
Selfon, Toys, Packing instruments
Grade MFI g/10 min Densit y g/cm Applications
Polynar SF-030 2.5-3.5 0.9 Gunny bag fibers, Plastic connectors, Package requisites
Polynar F-040 3.8-4.8 0.9 Injection instruments, Rope, Single spun threads
Polynar SF-060 5-7 0.9 Gunny bag fiber, plastic belts, car appliances, plastic containers
Polynar SI-080 7.5-8.5 0.9 Dual layered films, Multi spun threads, House furniture
Polynar FI-090 8.8-10.5 0.9 Selfon, Toys, Packing instruments
Polynar FI-110 10.8-12.8 0.9 Injection instruments (home appliances), Cloth of fitted carpet
Polynar YI-140 13.2-15.2 0.9 Felt fitted carpet fiber, House furniture
Polynar FI-160 15.5-17.2 0.9 Machine carpet fiber, Single Spun threads, Fitted carpet fiber
Polynar YI-180 17.5-19.5 0.9 Cable hindrance coverage, Machine carpet fiber, Filter textile
Polynar YI-220 20-24 0.9 Athletic clothes fiber, Medical instruments, Fitted and machine carpet fiber

Applications :
Selfon, Toys, Packing instruments