Homo Polymer

POLYMER TYPE: POLYPROPYLENE HOMOPOLYMER PACKING : PP bags of 25 kgs, 50 bags on a pallet shrinked by PE APPLICATION : High stiffness injection moulded parts, special extrusion applications PRODUCT FEATURES : Homopolymer with high stiffness and antigasfading or withstabilization PROCESSING METHOD : Extrusion

General Properties

Category : Homo Polymer
Grade Name : 1001P(RG1001P)
Manufacturer : REGAL
MFR : 13.2-15.2
Density : 0.954
Applications :
High stiffness injection moulded parts, special extrusion applications
Property Test Method Unit Value
MFR ( 230 ̊ C/ 2.16 Kg ) ASTM D1238/L gr /10min 15
Tensile M odulus of E lasticity (1mm/min) ASTM D638 MPa 2000
Tensile S trength at Yield (50 mm/min) ASTM D638 MPa 40
E longation at Yield(50 mm/min) ASTM D638 % 7
Notched Charpy Impact at 23 ̊ ISO 179/ 1eA KJ/m 2 2.5
Notched Charpy Impact at -30 ̊ ISO 179/ 1eA KJ/m 2 1.5
Vicat Softening Point, 10N ASTM D1525 ̊C 158
Ball indentation hardness ISO 2039-1 MPa 90
HDT ( 0.46 N/mm2 ) ASTM D648 ̊C 110
Melting Point , DSC ASTM D3417 ̊C 163

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