60505 UV

60505 UV


60505 is a HDPE injection molding grade which combines high stiffness with good physical properties. This resin is well suited for crates and toys applications.

General Properties

Category : Injection
Grade Name : 60505(60505UV)
Manufacturer : JAM
MFR : 5.5(2.16k/g)
Density : 0.957
Applications :
injection molding grade,Crates,toys applications
Resin Properties Unit Typical value Test Method
Melt Index g/10’ 5.5 D 1238
Density g/10 min 0.9570 D 1505
Physical properties
Tensil strength at yield (MPa) 30 D 638
Tensil strength at break (MPa) 16 D 638
Ultimate elongation (%) 200 D 638
Flexural modulus (MPa) 1480 D790
Notched lzod impact at 23 oC (J/m) 46 D 256/A
Vicat softening point (oC) 127 D1525
H.D.T (oC) 78 D648
On compression molded specimen obtained according to ATSM D 1928 C
Fabrication conditions for injection molding
Recommended barrel temperatures rang between 190 and 280 oc


  •  High stiffness with good physical properties.
  •  injection molding grade
  •  Crates
  •  toys applications
  •  60505: Thermal Antioxidant
  •  60505UV: Thermal AnotioxidantUV Stabilizer


Handling and Health Safety
sMolten polymers could be injured skin or eye so safety glasses and appropriate gloves are
suggested to prevent possible thermal injuries. Also, appropriate ventilation is suggested in
working by melt polymer. Accumulation of fines or dust particles that are in this grade is not
suitable because of explosion hazard probability. So adequated filters and grounding exists at
all time are recommended.
Polyethylene products (in pelletized or powder form) should not be stored in direct sunshine
and/or heat radiation. Ultraviolet cause a change in the material properties. The Storage area
should be dry and preferably don't exceed 50 °C. Under cool, dry, dark conditions Jam
Polymers polyolefin resins are expected to maintain the original material and processing
properties for at least 18 month. . JPC would not responsible about quality diminishing such as
color change, bad smell or ets which caused by bad storage conditions. It is better to process
PE resin within 6 months after delivery.
Jam Polymers Polyolefin resins are supplied in pellet form packed in 25kg bags. Alternative
packaging modes are available for selected grades