General Properties

Category : Film
Grade Name : 7000F
Manufacturer : ILAM
MFR : 0.04(2.16k/g)
Density : 0.952
Properties Unit Typical value Test Method
Melt flow rate g/10 min 0.04 ASTM D 1238 @ 190°C, 2.16 kg
Density g/cm3 0.954 ASTM D 1505
Melting Point °C 131 ASTM D 2117
Vicat Softening Point °C 124 ASTM D 1525
Brittleness Temperature °C < -60 ASTM D 746
ESCR hrs,F50 > 1000 ASTM D 1693 @ 50 °C Film Propertie
Tensile Strength at yield kg/cm2 MD:_*,TD:250* ASTM D 638 @crosshead speed 50 mm/min
Tensile Strength at break kg/cm2 MD:620*,TD:310* ASTM D 638 @crosshead speed 50 mm /min
Tensile Modulus, 2% secant kg/cm2 MD:8200*,TD:8000* ASTM D 638 @crosshead speed 50 mm /min
Elongation at Break % MD:240*,TD:450* ASTM D 638 @crosshead speed 50 mm /min
Elmendorf Tear Strength g MD:3*,TD:80* ASTM D 1922
Dart Impact Strength g 139* ASTM D 1709

Application :

recommend film thickness at 10-20 micron : shooing bag and T-shirt bag

high tensile strength with good dart impact strength: garbage bag

low gel content: liner bag

good moisture barrier: enhanced ultra thin film 

food contact applicable: high stiffness

good impact resistance and processability: wide service temperature range, UV resistance