co polymer

′′Jampilen EPX-548T′′ is a high melt flow rate, nucleated heterophasic copolymer with a special antistatic additivation used for thin-wall injection molding, IML and houseware applications. The product features improved balance of mechanical properties. The use of ′′Jampilen EPX-548T′′ allows high productivity due to the easy mold filling and short cycle times. In comparison with conventional copolymers with the same MFR and the same toughness, ′′Jampilen EPX-548T′′ exhibits 15% higher rigidity. ′′Jampilen EPX-548T′′ is suitable for food contact.

General Properties

Category : CO Polymer
Grade Name : 548T(EP548T)
Manufacturer : JAM
MFR : 50(2.16k/g)
Density : 0.954
Applications : Lamination,Packing of stationery,Packing of food,containers,Filters
Resin Properties Unit Typical value Test Method
Melt Flow Rate (230 oC, 2.16kg) 50 g/10min ASTM D1238
Density 0.9 g/cm3 ASTM D1505
Flexural Modulus 1450 MPa ASTM D790
Tensile Strength at Yield 26 MPa ASTM D638
Tensile Elongation at Yield 5 % ASTM D638
Izod Impact Strength (notched) at 23 oC 65 J/m ASTM D256
Izod Impact Strength (notched) at -20 oC 40 J/m ASTM D256
Vicat softening point (10N) 128 oC ASTM D1525
H.D.T. (0.46 Mpa) 82 oC ASTM D648
Accelerated oven ageing in air at 150 oC 55 hours ASTM D3012

High fluidity

Easy mold filling and short cycle times

Desirable impact/ stiffness balance

Good dimensional stability

Unspecified antistatic properties

Heterophasic copolymer


TWIM/IML food containers (Margarine tubs, yoghurt pots, pots for soft cheese,
pudding, etc.)


Caps and closures

Flower pots and cool boxes

Sports, leisure and toys