EX5(HM 9450F)

EX5(HM 9450F)


For blown films with paper like quality, suitable for counter bags, carried bags and w/aping films, excellent processin

General Properties

Category : Film
Grade Name : EX5(HM 9450F)
Manufacturer : BAKHTAR
MFR : 0.28(5k/g)
Density : 0.946
Resin Properties Unit Typical value Test Method
Density g/cm3 0.949 ISO 1133
Fish Eye Note note ≤3 Internal
FRR 21.6/5 - 29 -
MFR 190°/21.6 g/10min 8.0 ISO 1183
MFR190°/5 g/10min 0.28 ISO1133

• Antioxidant/Process stabilizer
• Lubricant (processing aid)/ acid scavenge

  • Test specimen from compression moulded sheet at 23°C.
  • FRR values are statistical and calculated by dividing MFR values.
  • Notch Impact Test specimen from compressed moulded sheet 23°C and
    The data quoted are average values .