Homo Polymer

General Properties

Category: Homo Polymer
Grade Name : 0800(PI0800)
Manufacturer: BANDAR IMAM
MFR : 8.5
Density: 961
Applications :
house wares, table wares, kitchen wares, stationery, toys, hospital wares and automative applications
Property Unit Value Test Method
MFI (190 oC /2.16kg) gr/10 min. 8.5 ASTM D -1238
Isotactic index of powder % 96 MTC Method
Vicat softening point oC 153 ASTM D – 1525
Tensile strength @ break kg/cm2 330 min. ASTM D – 638
Elongation @ Break % 500 min. ASTM D – 638
Charpy impact (Notched) kg.cm/cm2 2.25 ASTM D – 256
Izod impact kg.cm/cm 2 min. ASTM D – 256
Volatile matter Wt% 0.05 max. ASTM D – 1960
Flexural stiffness Kg/cm2 12000 ASTM D – 747
Hardness R-scale 103 ASTM D – 785

General Informations:
PI0800 is a homopolymer injection moulding grade. It is a linear, stereoregular and high
crystalline polymer that imparts useful strength and toughness. The principal characteristics
of homopolypropylene injection moulding are relatively high stiffness, low specific gravity,
high tensile strength, good clarity,good stress crack resistance and relatively high temperature
resistance. This grade contains antioxidant to protect the polymer from degradation during


A large variety of polypropylene types meet the varying needs of injection moulding
applications, such as homopolymers, copolymers and compounded polymer. PI0800 is well
suited for wide range of applications,for example: house wares, table wares, kitchen wares,
stationery, toys, hospital wares and automative applications.

Processing conditions :
PI0800 can be extruded to yield sheet used for thermoforming and stamping, and also to yield
pipes and profiles. High molecular weight, low melt flow materials will provide the required
melt strength. Single screw extruders with high length/diameter ratio provide good mixing of
the melt. Back pressure of 10-20 MPa (1500-3000 psia) improve melt uniformity. Melt
temperature range of 230-260 oC are commonly used for sheeting and also for injection
molding .


The product should be stored in dry conditions at temperature below 60oC and protected
from UV–light.Improper storage can initiate degradation with resulting odour generation and
colour changes.

Health & Environment:

PI0800 is not classified as dangerous product. Dust and fines from the product may give a
risk for dust explosion. All equipment should be properly grounded. Inhalation of dust may
irritate the respiratory system and should be avoided. During processing of the product small
amounts of fumes are generated, which require proper ventilation.


End products made from this polymer are recyclable using modern methods of shredding and
cleaning, but for the pipes applications only if approved by the relevant standards or
specifications. In–house produced waste should be kept clean to facilitate direct recycling.

Dumping and land filling is also possible in agreement with the competent authorities.

Food Contact:

The composition of products complies with the EC Directive 90/128/EEC for use in food
contact applications.


This product is packed in 25 Kg PE bags.