About us

Hammox GLB

About Us

Hammox GLB, incorporated in world’s trading hub Istanbul, Turkey, is one of the rapidly growing general trading concern in the region. We have comprehensive know how and with more than 10 years essential experience in trading Polymers, Gas, Petroleum, Fertilizer, Steel and other products within our board, directors and other responsible employees. In addition, the company has been very actively trading in polymer products globally.

Hammox GLB is a Trade and Service oriented Company and is providing its services to various international companies in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Our export – import service team examines the latest regulations frequently in order to minimize paperwork, expedite transit and lower shipping costs.

We provide customized quality services to support customer shipment of goods from and to. Our partners include different international companies, wholesalers and manufacturers that we introduce to existing as well as potential customers in the Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa, acting as a middleman to help introduce various products and services in foreign markets.

We ensure accurate communication when planning orders together with our customers and suppliers, with the aim of securing a consistent cooperation.