22502(LL22502 AA)

22502(LL22502 AA)


22502 is a LLDPE blown film grade designed for applications requiring ease of processing and good optical properties even at low extrusion temperature. This resin is well suited for blending with LDPE and for general purpose uses, including agricultural applications..

General Properties

Category : LLDPE
Grade Name : 22502(LL22502 AA)
Manufacturer : JAM
MFR : 1.8(2.16k/g)
Density : 0.954
Applications :
Heavy duty plastic bags,Freezer bags,Hand bags,Packing,Agricultural film
Resin Properties Unit Typical value ASTM Method
Melt Index (21.6) g/10 min 1.80 D1238
Density g/cm³ 0.922 D1505
Film Properties
Dart Impact (g) - 70 D1790
Elmendorf Tear (g) MT/TD 130/350 D 1922
Tensile strength at yield (Mpa) MT/TD 12/11.5 D 882
Tensile strength at break (Mpa) MT/TD 40/32 D 882
Ultimate elongation (%) MT/TD 600/700 D 882
2% Scant modulus (Mpa) MT/TD 175/220 D 882
Haze (%) NB 21 D 1003
Gloss 45o - >1000 38 D 2457
25micron film obtained on Collin 25, B.u.R.2.5:1, temp. profile 155-190oC
Melt Temperature (oC) 170-210
Blow up ratio - 2.0-3.0
Die Gap (mm) 1.8-2.5
Thickness (micron) 12-150

General purpose
ease of processing
good optical properties
low extrusion temperature
suited for blending with LDPE
agricultural applications

 Blown film grade
 22502AA: Thermal Antioxidant
 22502KJ: Thermal Antioxidant Antiblocking agent Slip Agent