1202(TJPC 1202)

1202(TJPC 1202)


A CHARACTERSTICS: High-Cis Polybutadiene rubber "TJPC 1202" is produced by a technology of solution polymerization based on Ziegler-Natta (Cobalt) catalyst. It has more than 96% of 1,4 Cis content and very low glass transition temperature. TJPC 1202 suitable for plastic modification and has a low gel content, low color value and consistency viscosity . APPLICATION: TJPC 1202 is appropriate for production HIPS.

General Properties

Category : HIPS
Grade Name : 1202(TJPC 1202)
Manufacturer : TAKHT JAMSHID
MFR : 1.2(5k/g)
Density : 0.954
Applications :
Appropriate for peoduction HIPS
Typical properties Test method (ASTM) Unit Value
Mooney viscosity (ML 1+4 @ 100 °C) MU 30-40 ASTM D1646
Cis Content wt% MIN 96 Internal Method
Volatile Material wt% MAX 0.75 ASTM D1416
Ash Content wt% MAX 0.3 ASTM D1416
Solution Viscosity 5% in Styrene @ 25 °C Cps 50-70 RX-OllA
Color Index 5% in Styrene APHA MAX 30 ASTM D1209
Gel Content Low gel - -
Mooney viscosity (ML 1+4 @ 100 °C) MU - -

35 ±0.5 KG bales wrapped with polyethylene film.
36 bales per crate (1260±18 KG).


TJPC 1202 is typically transported in covered road trucks, in covered railway
carriages and in standard shipping containers. TJPC 1202 is not a dangerous
material to transport.


Product should be stored in sheltered conditions away from direct sunlight away
from radiant heating elements and the temperature should not exceed 30°C.