General Properties

Category : LDPE
Grade Name : 2102(L2102TN42)
Manufacturer: LALEH
MFR : 1.9(2.16k/g)
Density : 921(kg/m3)
Applications :
Food packing,Shrink film,Cast film Bags and pounches,Carrier bags,General purpose bags
Properties Unit Typical value Test Method
Polymer Properties
Melt Flow Rate dg/min 1.9
Density kg/m3 921
Optical Properties
Gloss (45 ̊) % 53 ASTM D 2457
Haze % 11 ASTM D 1003A
Clarity mv 28 SABTEC method
Formulation Level
Slip ppm 500 E
Anti block ppm 2300
Anti oxidant
Processing aid (PPA
Mechanical properties
Impact strength KJ/m 18 ASTM D 4272
Tear strength (TD) KN/m 22 ISO 6383-2
Tear Strength (MD) KN/m 72 ISO 6383-2
Tensile test - - ISO R527-1
Yield stress (TD) MPa 11
Yield stress (MD) MPa 12
Tensile Stress at break (TD) MPa 28
Tensile Stress at break (MD) MPa 32
Strain at Break (TD) % >500
Strain at Break (MD) % >100
Modulus of Elasticity (TD) MPa 200
Modulus of Elasticity (MD) MPa 200
Coefficient of friction - 0.1 ASTM D 1894
Blocking g <5 DSM method
Re-blocking g 30 DSM method

General information
DSM produces low density polyethylene by the tubular and the autoclave reactor processes.
As a result the product range covers a wide variety of densities and melt flow rates. Further it
includes a large number of grades with excellent optical properties which yield firm with a high
to very high clarity. Finally there is a wide variety of additives. For example, several grades
contain the slip agent erucamide. Films produced from these materials have excellent surface
properties and very low odour and taste levels, which is of advantage in e.g. food packaging.