co polymer

′′Jampilen EP440G′′ is a nucleated heterophasic copolymerدespecially developed for extrusion applications. In comparison with standard polypropylene copolymers with the same fluidity, EP440G exhibits higher stiffness, superior impact properties at room and sub-zero temperatures, very high dimensional stability and excellent creep and deforming resistance. The main applications of EP440G are thermoforming, corrugated board and extrusion blow molding.

General Properties

Category : CO Polymer
Grade Name : 440G(EP440G)
Manufacturer : JAM
MFR : 1.3(2.16k/g)
Density : 0.954
Applications :
Lamination,Packing of stationery,Packing of food,containers,Filters
Typical Properties Unit value Test Method
Melt Index (230 oC, 2.16kg) g/10 min 1.3 ASTM D1238
Density g/mc3 0.9 ASTM D1505
Flexural Modulus MPa 1300 ASTM D790
Tensile Strength at Yield MPa 25 ASTM D638
Tensile Elongation at Yield % 6 ASTM D638
CoImpact Strength (notched) at 23Izod J/m 500 ASTM D256
Co20-Izod Impact Strength (notched) at J/m 70 ASTM D256
Vicat softening point (10N) oC 150 ASTM D1525
H.D.T. (0.46 MPa) oC 92 ASTM D648
Accelerated oven ageing in air at 150 oC hours 360 ASTM D3012

 Very high impact resistance
 High stiffness
 Very high dimensional stability
 Excellent creep and deforming resistance
 Heterophasic copolymer

Proccessing Method:
 Extrusion blow molding
 Injection molding
 Corrugated board, panels, profiles and crates
 Corrugated pipes for automotive and machine construction
 Conduit pipes and fittings for electrical distribution and cable
 Blow molded bottles and containers
 Pipe fittings