Homo Polymer

 Main application & Characteristics: Moplen HP552R is a high melt flow homo-polymer polypropylene for the production of CF, BCF and staple fibres at medium to high spinning speeds. Moplen HP552R with an excellent anti-gas fading package offers a high homogeneity, stable extrusion and excellent processability on both short and long spinning lines. This grade allows a high stretch ratio and gives tough and resilient fibres. Moplen HP552R is suitable for low denier staple fibres for non-woven fabrics, diapers, medical-sanitary applications and wipes. Another typical application is high tenacity continues filament for straps for backpacks, handles for big bags and safety belts. Continues filament with high tenacity is used for upholstery, sportswear and heavy duty clothing. Moplen HP552R is also suited for the production of bulked continues filament for thermobonding and carpet face yarns.

General Properties

Category : Homo Polymer
Grade Name : 552R(HP552R)
Manufacturer : SHAZAND
MFR : 0.25(2.16k/g)
Density : 0.954
Applications :
Heavy duty jumbo bags,Furniture,Caps,Closures,Toys
Typical properties Test method (ASTM) Unit Value
MFR @230°C, 2.16 kg D1238/L gr/10min 25
Flexural Modulus D790 MPa 1500
Notched Izod Impact@23°C D256 J/m 30
Tensile Strength@Yield D638 MPa 32
Elongation@Yield D638 % 13
Vicat Softening Point,10N D1525 °C 152
HDT(0.46N/mm2) D648 °C 94
Rockwell Hardness D785 R Scale 100
Oven Aging@150°C D3012 Hours 150

Values shown are averages & are not to be considered as product specifications.
Moplen HP500H is suitable for food contact.